It all starts with a fold

Struggling for ideas of how to individualise your event or party? The gang at B&K have it sorted.
With backgrounds in the arts, both Grace & Josh are more than happy to get their creative juices flowing and make your event a truly memorable experience by reflecting your distinctive style. You would have recently read the post about the customised Bunting they created for the NYE party in Maldon, but it doesnt stop there.
Recently B&K were approached to come up with an art installation to be shown on the walls of Coin Laundry Cafe. After a lot of thought and consideration the team went with the idea of dotting the walls with small, handmade origami paper cranes, an idea they had after seeing an installation piece in a Balinese art gallery where the roof was entirely covered with large white paper cranes.
To put a distinctive spin on this idea, it was decided that the cranes would be made in the colours of the cafes business card. B&K’s installation can now be found on many blogs and was also featured in Este, an online design and interiors magazine.

Below is a photo courtesy of Este Magazine and photographer Toby Scott.


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